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MODIFY Emergency and errors

D requested to merge emerg-error-wind-and-signals into master

Mainly emergency and errors were modfified. the list is as below: Error handling changed in suntracker. Emergencies were added in sunTracker. WindTracker was modified, the unnecessary timeouts for starting and leaving wind protection was removed. Windtracker is now totally dependent on TopLevel to start or stop windtracking, so the signals and states which were connecting the WindTracker to WindChecker machine were removed. AmbConditionChecker was removed, so the TopLevel was updated to take that in considiration. In SunTracker, the abort was decided to be done by turn off. This decision also effected the TopLevel. Suntracker sends a new event to TL, announcing that the SunTracker has turnedOff, so the TL could go back to IDLE.

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