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  • Bizzego_baseline
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  • r0.1   DAP Relase 0.1
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    Release r0.1

    Release 0.1

    First release of the dap project. This is the first release of the DAP project including a total re-design and refactored version of the Data Analysis Protocol.

    Major Features:

    • DAP for Classification in Machine Learning Pipelines
    • DAP for Classification in Deep Learning Pipelines (using keras)
    • DAP for Regression in Machine and Deep Learning Pipelines

    The settings.py file contains the major set of settings one can customise to setup the DAP process and experiments. In particular, it is possible to configure the number of steps (i.e. iterations), Cross-Validation Fold, and feature steps.

    Additional features included in the current DAP implementation:

    • feature normalisation
    • feature ranking and selection
    • model & feature selection using Borda algorithm
    • random labels
  • phcnn   DAP version used in Phylogenetic Deep Learning Network Project
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