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ci(pre-commit): add to formula [skip ci]

* Automated using https://github.com/myii/ssf-formula/pull/259
parent 79407273
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# vim: ft=yaml
# See https://pre-commit.com for more information
# See https://pre-commit.com/hooks.html for more hooks
default_stages: [commit]
- repo: https://github.com/dafyddj/commitlint-pre-commit-hook
rev: v2.3.0
- id: commitlint
name: Check commit message using commitlint
description: Lint commit message against @commitlint/config-conventional rules
stages: [commit-msg]
additional_dependencies: ['@commitlint/config-conventional@8.3.4']
- id: commitlint-travis
stages: [manual]
additional_dependencies: ['@commitlint/config-conventional@8.3.4']
always_run: true
- repo: https://github.com/adithyabsk/mirrors-rubocop
rev: v0.91.0
- id: rubocop
name: Check Ruby files with rubocop
args: [--debug]
always_run: true
pass_filenames: false
- repo: https://github.com/jumanjihouse/pre-commit-hooks
rev: 2.1.3
- id: shellcheck
name: Check shell scripts with shellcheck
files: ^.*\.(sh|bash|ksh)$
types: []
args: []
- repo: https://github.com/adrienverge/yamllint.git
rev: v1.23.0
- id: yamllint
name: Check YAML syntax with yamllint
args: [--strict, '.']
always_run: true
pass_filenames: false
- repo: https://github.com/warpnet/salt-lint
rev: v0.3.0
- id: salt-lint
name: Check Salt files using salt-lint
files: ^.*\.(sls|jinja|j2|tmpl|tst)$
# - repo: https://github.com/myint/rstcheck
# rev: 3f929574
# hooks:
# - id: rstcheck
# name: Check reST files using rstcheck
# args: [--report=warning]
......@@ -55,6 +55,20 @@ jobs:
- commitlint-travis
# Run `pre-commit` linters in a single job
- language: 'python'
env: 'Lint_pre-commit'
name: 'Lint: pre-commit'
before_install: 'skip'
- $HOME/.cache/pre-commit
# Install and run `pre-commit`
- pip install pre-commit==2.7.1
- pre-commit run --all-files --color always --verbose
- pre-commit run --color always --hook-stage manual --verbose commitlint-travis
## Define the rest of the matrix based on Kitchen testing
# Make sure the instances listed below match up with
# the `platforms` defined in `kitchen.yml`
#!/usr/bin/env sh
set -o nounset # Treat unset variables as an error and immediately exit
set -o errexit # If a command fails exit the whole script
if [ "${DEBUG:-false}" = "true" ]; then
set -x # Run the entire script in debug mode
if ! command -v pre-commit >/dev/null 2>&1; then
echo "pre-commit not found: please install or check your PATH" >&2
echo "See https://pre-commit.com/#installation" >&2
exit 1
pre-commit install --install-hooks
pre-commit install --hook-type commit-msg --install-hooks
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