Unverified Commit a7d169a8 authored by Imran Iqbal's avatar Imran Iqbal
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ci(gemfile+lock): use `ssf` customised `kitchen-docker` repo [skip ci]

* Automated using https://github.com/myii/ssf-formula/pull/294
parent da04e4a7
......@@ -7,6 +7,8 @@ source 'https://rubygems.org'
gem 'inspec', '~> 4.22.22'
# Install the `kitchen-docker` gem from GitHub because the latest version
# currently available (`2.10.0`) doesn't include a recent fix for Gentoo.
gem 'kitchen-docker', github: 'test-kitchen/kitchen-docker', ref: '41e80fe'
# rubocop:disable Layout/LineLength
gem 'kitchen-docker', git: 'https://gitlab.com/saltstack-formulas/infrastructure/kitchen-docker', branch: 'ssf'
# rubocop:enable Layout/LineLength
gem 'kitchen-inspec', '>= 2.2.1'
gem 'kitchen-salt', '>= 0.6.3'
remote: https://github.com/test-kitchen/kitchen-docker.git
revision: 41e80fed3a7cc86323e19c16a5a340cebf7e5848
ref: 41e80fe
remote: https://gitlab.com/saltstack-formulas/infrastructure/kitchen-docker
revision: 042e6921940a28d2502258b6a5ff3be17dd2fd37
branch: ssf
kitchen-docker (2.10.0)
test-kitchen (>= 1.0.0)
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