Unverified Commit 97715828 authored by Imran Iqbal's avatar Imran Iqbal
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ci(commitlint): ensure `upstream/master` uses main repo URL [skip ci]

* Automated using https://github.com/myii/ssf-formula/pull/278
parent ed1cbaaa
......@@ -53,7 +53,8 @@ commitlint:
image: *image_commitlint
# Add `upstream` remote to get access to `upstream/master`
- 'git remote add upstream ${CI_PROJECT_URL}.git'
- 'git remote add upstream
- 'git fetch --all'
# Set default commit hashes for `--from` and `--to`
- 'export COMMITLINT_FROM="$(git merge-base upstream/master HEAD)"'
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