Unverified Commit 947206ce authored by Imran Iqbal's avatar Imran Iqbal
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chore: update `CODEOWNERS` & `.yamllint` re: `kitchen-vagrant` [skip ci]

* Automated using https://github.com/myii/ssf-formula/pull/310
parent 920bb7d9
......@@ -10,12 +10,14 @@ extends: 'default'
# 3. All YAML files under directory `node_modules/`, introduced during the Travis run
# 4. Any SLS files under directory `test/`, which are actually state files
# 5. Any YAML files under directory `.kitchen/`, introduced during local testing
# 6. `kitchen.vagrant.yml`, which contains Embedded Ruby (ERB) template syntax
ignore: |
# Default settings
......@@ -39,6 +39,8 @@
/Gemfile @saltstack-formulas/ssf
/Gemfile.lock @saltstack-formulas/ssf
/kitchen.yml @saltstack-formulas/ssf
/kitchen.vagrant.yml @saltstack-formulas/ssf
/kitchen.windows.yml @saltstack-formulas/ssf
/pre-commit_semantic-release.sh @saltstack-formulas/ssf
/release-rules.js @saltstack-formulas/ssf
/release.config.js @saltstack-formulas/ssf
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