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[pre-commit.ci] pre-commit autoupdate

- [github.com/rubocop-hq/rubocop: v1.25.1 → v1.30.1](https://github.com/rubocop-hq/rubocop/compare/v1.25.1...v1.30.1)
- [github.com/myint/rstcheck: 3f929574 → v6.0.0.post1](https://github.com/myint/rstcheck/compare/3f929574...v6.0.0.post1)
parent d4cab055
......@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ repos:
additional_dependencies: ['@commitlint/config-conventional@8.3.4']
always_run: true
- repo: https://github.com/rubocop-hq/rubocop
rev: v1.25.1
rev: v1.30.1
- id: rubocop
name: Check Ruby files with rubocop
......@@ -47,7 +47,7 @@ repos:
name: Check Salt files using salt-lint
files: ^.*\.(sls|jinja|j2|tmpl|tst)$
- repo: https://github.com/myint/rstcheck
rev: 3f929574
rev: v6.0.0.post1
- id: rstcheck
name: Check reST files using rstcheck
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