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In ~osmap.yaml~ there are datas regarding an entire OS (ubuntu, Fedora ec..)
In ~osfingermap.yaml~ it's possible to specify data about a specifc version of an os (ubuntu 18.04/20.04).
~sssd~ apply ~sssd.config~, ~sssd.join~, ~sssd.package~
* SSSD.package
It will install ~realmd~ and ~sssd~ as said in ~osmpap.yaml>config.packages~.
* SSSD.join
It will run the ~realm join~ command with its parameter
* SSSD.config
It will transfer the krb5 and sssd config files
* SSSD.reset
It will:
- run ~realm leave~
- delete the config files
- delete ~/var/lib/sss/~ files
- stop sssd service
- delete ~sss~ string from /etc/nsswitch.conf
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