Commit e75cad5c authored by Nicole Bussola's avatar Nicole Bussola
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adding TLG feature for PET modality

parent b3cd2002
import numpy
from scipy import ndimage
from radiomics import base, deprecated, imageoperations
from radiomics import base, cShape, deprecated, imageoperations
from oct2py import Oct2Py, Oct2PyError
......@@ -478,7 +478,11 @@ class RadiomicsFirstOrder(base.RadiomicsFeaturesBase):
Np = len(self.labelledVoxelCoordinates[0])
volume = Np * (z * x * y)
return numpy.mean(self.targetVoxelArray) * volume
ROIPet = self.imageArray
mask = self.maskArray
ROIPet[~mask] = numpy.nan
return numpy.mean(ROIPet[~numpy.isnan(ROIPet)]) * volume
def getInactiveVolumeFeatureValue(self):
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