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Add TLG feature for PET modality

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......@@ -64,3 +64,29 @@ class MyRadiomicsFirstOrder(MyRadiomicsFeaturesBase):
return numpy.mean(ROIPet[~numpy.isnan(ROIPet)])
def getTLGFeatureValue(self):
**21. TLG**
Total lesion glycolysis.
Defined as
.. math::
\textit{SUVMean}\times \textit{total volume of the tumour region}
- input: 3D array representing the PET volume in SUV format, with
voxels outside the ROI set to NaNs.
.. note::
Extracted from PET scans and not used in the CT feature set.
z, y, x = self.pixelSpacing
Np = len(self.labelledVoxelCoordinates[0])
volume = Np * (z * x * y)
ROIPet = self.imageArray
mask = self.maskArray
ROIPet[~mask] = numpy.nan
return numpy.mean(ROIPet[~numpy.isnan(ROIPet)]) * volume
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