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# Contiki-NG: the Next Generation Contiki # Contiki-NG: The OS for Next Generation IoT Devices
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Contiki-NG is an open-source, cross-platform operating system for Next-Generation IoT devices. It focuses on dependable (secure and reliable) low-power communication and standard protocols, such as IPv6/6LoWPAN, 6TiSCH, RPL, and CoAP. Contiki-NG comes with extensive documentation, tutorials, a roadmap, release cycle, and well-defined development flow for smooth integration of community contributions.
Unless excplicitly stated otherwise, Contiki-NG sources are distributed under
the terms of the [3-clause BSD license](
Contiki-NG started as a fork of the Contiki OS and retains some of its original features.
Find out more:
Contiki-NG is a fork of Contiki, with focus on next generation IoT protocols and platforms.
Important links:
* GitHub repository: * GitHub repository:
* Documentation: * Documentation:
* Web site:
Engage with the community:
* Gitter: * Gitter:
* Twitter: * Twitter:
* Web site:
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