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Add a readme to explain how to use this new build system and how to

incorporate libmc1322x into your projects as a submodule.
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libmc1322x is a library and build system for using the mc13224v from
Getting Started
$ cd tests
$ make
this will build all the test files in libmc1322x/tests _for each_ board
defined in libmc1322x/board. You will have programs like:
if you only wanted to build binaries for one board you can do:
$ make BOARD=redbee-dev
You can use in tools to run your code:
$ ../tools/ -f rftest-tx_redbee-dev.bin
Incorporating libmc1322x into your own code
The best way is to incorporate libmc1322x as a git submodule in your
own code.
$ mkdir newproject
$ cd newproject
$ git init
Initialized empty Git repository in /home/malvira/newproject/.git/
$ git submodule add git://
This will add libmc1322x to your repository. Now to setup the
$ cp libmc1322x/tests/Makefile .
You need to edit the Makefile to point MC1322X to libmc1322x:
Change line 1
MC1322X := ..
MC1322X := libmc1322x
and edit COBJS and TARGETS accordings. COBJS are all of your common
code for any of your programs. TARGETS are the names of you programs.
For instance, you can have a common routine that prints a welcome
message that is used by two programs a and b. You would add common.o
to COBJS and your target line would read:
TARGETS := a b
COBJS are made for each board --- so it is ok to have board specific
code in there. As an example, tests uses this to print which board you
are running.
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