Commit 421d95bc authored by George Oikonomou's avatar George Oikonomou
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Build the GPIO HAL for CC13xx/CC26xx

parent d88c3d0c
......@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@ CONTIKI_CPU_SOURCEFILES += clock.c rtimer-arch.c soc-rtc.c uart.c
CONTIKI_CPU_SOURCEFILES += contiki-watchdog.c aux-ctrl.c
CONTIKI_CPU_SOURCEFILES += putchar.c ieee-addr.c batmon-sensor.c adc-sensor.c
CONTIKI_CPU_SOURCEFILES += slip-arch.c slip.c cc26xx-uart.c lpm.c
CONTIKI_CPU_SOURCEFILES += gpio-interrupt.c oscillators.c
CONTIKI_CPU_SOURCEFILES += gpio-interrupt.c gpio-hal-arch.c oscillators.c
CONTIKI_CPU_SOURCEFILES += rf-core.c rf-ble.c ieee-mode.c
CONTIKI_CPU_SOURCEFILES += random.c soc-trng.c int-master.c
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