Commit 10c2bcde authored by George Oikonomou's avatar George Oikonomou
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Build the GPIO HAL for the CC2538

parent ab7d7cd9
......@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ CONTIKI_CPU_DIRS = . dev usb usb/common usb/common/cdc-acm
CONTIKI_CPU_SOURCEFILES += soc.c clock.c rtimer-arch.c uart.c watchdog.c
CONTIKI_CPU_SOURCEFILES += nvic.c sys-ctrl.c gpio.c ioc.c spi.c adc.c
CONTIKI_CPU_SOURCEFILES += crypto.c aes.c ecb.c cbc.c ctr.c cbc-mac.c gcm.c
CONTIKI_CPU_SOURCEFILES += ccm.c sha256.c gpio-hal-arch.c
CONTIKI_CPU_SOURCEFILES += cc2538-aes-128.c cc2538-ccm-star.c
CONTIKI_CPU_SOURCEFILES += cc2538-rf.c udma.c lpm.c int-master.c
CONTIKI_CPU_SOURCEFILES += pka.c bignum-driver.c ecc-driver.c ecc-algorithm.c
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