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<h2>Table of Contents</h2>
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<li><a href="#sec-1">gitLabUserAdd</a></li>
<li><a href="#sec-2">Installation instruction</a></li>
<li><a href="#sec-3">Usage instructions</a></li>
# gitLabUserAdd
Bookmarklet to easily filter out users already present in a GitLab group form the autocomplete user adding select list
# Installation instruction
1. Save the following link to your bookmarks (don't follow it): [gitLabUserAdd]('%2Bg%2B'/jquery.min.js'%3Bc.onload%3Dc.onreadystatechange%3Dfunction(){if(!b&&(!(d%3Dthis.readyState)||d%3D%3D'loaded'||d%3D%3D'complete')){h((f%3De.jQuery).noConflict(1),b%3D1)%3Bf(c).remove()}}%3Ba.documentElement.childNodes%5B0%5D.appendChild(c)}})(window,document,'1.3.2',function($,L){javascript:document.body.appendChild(document.createElement('script')).src%3D''%3Bvoid(0)})%3B)
- You can drag&drop it to your bookmarks toolbar.
- You can right click and choose "Save in bookmarks"
2. Suggestion is to add it on the bookmarks toolbar for easier access
# Usage instructions
1. Once installed, visit the "member page" of your desired group in GitLab
- `https://THE.GITLAB.URL/groups/GROUPNAME/members`
2. Click on *Add members* on the right
3. Type a filter in the *People* input field
4. Click on the bookmark just installed form the bookmarks bar
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