Commit 4c92f32b authored by Gabriele Franch's avatar Gabriele Franch
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updated model save/load to include optimizer state

parent dec5882e
......@@ -40,18 +40,22 @@ class Model(object):
self.MAE_criterion = nn.L1Loss(size_average=False)
def save(self, itr):
stats = {}
stats["net_param"] =
state_dict = {
'iter': itr,
'optimizer_state_dict': self.optimizer.state_dict(),
save_path = Path("/") / "data1" / "IDA_LSTM_checkpoints"
save_path = save_path / f"{itr}.pth", save_path)
# print(f"Saving model to {save_path}"), save_path)
def load(self, path):
assert os.path.exists(path), "Weights dir does not exist"
stats = torch.load(path, map_location=torch.device(self.configs.device))["net_param"])["model_state_dict"])
print("Model loaded")
def train(self, frames, mask):
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