Commit ea3ba848 authored by Nicole Bussola's avatar Nicole Bussola
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fixed missing folder in path

parent 216874b6
import os
import subprocess
# these can be set on runtime:
# snakemake --config datafolder="mydata" outfolder="out" dataset="breast" target="ER" layer1="gene" layer2="cnv" layer3="prot" split_id="1"(...)
DATAFOLDER = config['datafolder']
......@@ -26,7 +27,7 @@ rule ml_juxt_tr:
"python {input} {wildcards.outfolder}/{wildcards.dataset}/{}/juxt --ranking KBest"
"python {input} {wildcards.outfolder}/{wildcards.dataset}/{}/{wildcards.split_id}/juxt --ranking KBest"
rule ml_juxt_val:
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