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Python3 with mlpy (!), numpy, scikit-learn
R >= 3.2.3 with cvTools, doParallel, TunePareto, igraph
Python3 with mlpy (!), numpy, scikit-learn, pandas, snakemake
R >= 3.2.3 with argparse, cvTools, doParallel, TunePareto, igraph, lubridate, data.table
To install R via Anaconda: [doc](
To install the R dependencies, run the following command from the R prompt:
`install.packages(c("cvTools", "doParallel", "TunePareto", "igraph"))`
`install.packages(c("argparse", "cvTools", "doParallel", "TunePareto", "igraph", "lubridate", "data.table"))`
**Input files**
......@@ -20,21 +21,29 @@ To install the R dependencies, run the following command from the R prompt:
**Example run**
The original pipeline was reimplemented in a Makefile, with variables that can be set runtime.
The INF pipeline is implemented as a Snakefile.
The following directory tree is required:
* {datafolder}/{dataset}/{layer1}_{layer2}_{tr,ts}.txt
* {datafolder}/{dataset}/labels_{target}_{tr,ts}.txt
* {datafolder}/{dataset}/{layer1,layer2}_{tr,ts}.txt
* {outfolder}/{dataset}/{target}/{juxt,rSNF,rSNFi,single}/ _(these will be created if not present)_
An example is given in the `` script:
All the {variables} can be specified either in a config.yaml file or on the command line; for example:
snakemake --config datafolder="data" dataset="breast" target="ER" layer1="gene" layer2="cnv"
make -f \
# layer1 dataset
DATA1=data/AG1-G_145_LIT_ALL_tr.txt \
# layer2 dataset
DATA2=data/CNV-G_145_LIT_ALL_tr.txt \
# layer1 + layer2 juxtaposed dataset
FILE=data/AG1-G_CNV-G_145_LIT_ALL_tr.txt \
# sample labels
A maximum number of cores can also be set:
snakemake [--config etc.] --cores 12
The pipeline can be "dry-run" using the `-n` flag:
snakemake --cores 12 -n
# Example script for the INF pipeline
# output folder
# prepare output tree
# go!
make all \
DATA1=${DATA_FOLDER}/${LAYER1}_tr.txt \
DATA2=${DATA_FOLDER}/${LAYER2}_tr.txt \
FILE=${DATA_FOLDER}/${LAYER1}_${LAYER2}_tr.txt \
LABEL=${DATA_FOLDER}/labels_ER_tr.txt \
snakemake --cores $THREADS --config datafolder=$DATAFOLDER outfolder=$OUTFOLDER target=$TARGET layer1=$LAYER1 layer2=$LAYER2
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