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......@@ -28,6 +28,7 @@ In addition to the tool adapters, EATA project has a [User Interface](/bundles/e
The UI plugin allows to invoke the tools functionalities as Eclipse commands. The commands and their parameters are defined in the [plugin.xml](/bundles/ file.
Furthermore, there are some result viewers (contract analysys trace, model checking trace, fault tree, fmea table) and a simple manager of the execution requests (`RequestView` class).
### OSLC
Let's go back to the Adapter. In addition to the local invocation of the analysis tools, there is also the possibility to interact remotely with the analysis tools through the use of OSLC specifications (or better, an implementation of OSLC for Java, namely [Lyo](
[OSLC]( (Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration) is a set of specifications that enable integration of software development. It is based on several web standards, like the W3C Resource Description Framework (RDF), Linked Data and REST and enables integration at data level via links between related resources. OSLC resources are defined in terms of RDF properties. Operations on resources are performed using HTTP.
......@@ -43,11 +44,13 @@ A OSLC Service Provider based on the OSLC Automation domain has been realized.
The figure below shows the interactions between the OSCL Client ([CHESS]( in this example) and the Service Provider:
### Dependencies
Currently EATA has been tested for Eclipse `Neon`, `2020-06` and `2021-03`
|| Neon | 2020-06 | 2021-03 |
| ------ | ------ | ------ | -----|
| **Java** | 8 | 8 and 11 | 11 |
| **Lyo** | 2.2.0 | 2.2.0 | 2.2.0 |
#### Project Build instruction:
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