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The OSLC Service Provider is tested on [Tomcat]( Web Application Server version 9. There are newer versions but we don't think there are any problems using them.
Following are described two installations, the first is local (_development_ environment) and is used for test purposes in the development phase. The second (_production_ environment) is already in place and runs on the server. They respond respectively to requests to URLs https://localhost:8080/ and
##### Development (local)
* descrivere dove si installa (vedi waters)
* come si configura la porta 8080
* dove si mettono i tools
* come di configurano le variabili di ambiente
* target maven per deploy automatico
##### Production (remote)
* descrivere dove si trova (, ssh-key, installation dire) e dove sono si tools
* dove sono configurate le variabili di ambiente
* target maven per deploy automatico
#### Add/Update the Analysis Tools on the Web Server
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