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For the integration with our tools, we select the [Automation]( specifications.
The OSLC Automation domain define resources as `Automation Plan`, `Automation Request` and `Automation Result`; they are in relationship as shown below
[<img src="/docs/AutomationResourcesRelationship.png" width="600">](/docs/AutomationResourcesRelationship.png)
A OSLC Service Provider based on the OSLC Automation domain has been realized.
The figure below shows the interactions between the OSCL Client ([CHESS]( in this example) and the Service Provider:
[<img src="/docs/OSLC_FBK_Tool_Interactions.png" width="600">](/docs/OSLC_FBK_Tool_Interactions.png)
The integration and implementation of the tool chain through OSLC is realized by a web application server (i.e. [Tomcat]( that runs the OSCL Registry (that lists the available services) and the OSLC Service Provider that interacts with the analysis tools as shown below:
[<img src="/docs/OSLC_FBK_Tool_WebApplication.png" width="600">](/docs/OSLC_FBK_Tool_WebApplication.png)
The analysis tool functionalities are be available by means of Automation Plans; the title attribute `<dcterms:title>` of the Automation Plan selects the tool functionality.
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