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......@@ -68,6 +68,18 @@ At the current time, the available Plans for the FBK analysis tools are the foll
| Compute Fault Tree | xsap_compute_fault_tree |
| Compute FMEA Table | xsap_compute_fmea_table|
The OSLC Service Provider exposes additional services for listing the service provider catalogue, the list of Automation Plans that are available in the current instance of service provider, the Automation Requests that were submitted and the list of Automation Results.
Each services has an end point that is listed in the following table:
| Service | End Point |
| ---- | ---- |
| OSLC Service Catalogue | `<web_server_address>/oslc4j-registry/catalog` |
| List of available Plans | `<web_server_address>/<context>/services/autoPlans` |
| List of Current Requests | `<web_server_address>/<context>/services/autoRequests` |
| List of Current Results | `<web_server_address>/<context>/services/autoResults` |
For example, to get the list the available Automation Plans, calls the end point `<web_server_address>/<context>/services/autoPlans` and the corresponding answer will be a RDF/XML output that lists all Automation Plans that are supported by the Service Provider.
### Dependencies
Currently EATA has been tested for Eclipse `Neon`, `2020-06` and `2021-03`
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